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Selga Pesudovs

With over twenty years experience in the computer industry, from programming, analysis to system testing, after retirement Selga has been enjoying web page creation through our own company, Selga Pty Ltd, and was the webmaster for AusPoly and PIPA as well as designing the original site for Inner West Osteopathy.


Selga is currently involved with the ex students and teachers of Strathfield Girls' High School and first put up the web page to promote the 50 years celebration for the school in 2003. Now she continues this for the SGHS FSSA. Selga was both a student and one time maths teacher at the school.

Strathfield Girls High School
SGHS oldgirls

Linda and Stuart
Linda and Stuart


Dimi is the head of the family in Australia and our company. Meet him on Dimi's page.

Our son, Konrad, is an optometrist doing research in ophthalmology. You can find out more by going to Konrad's page.

Our daughter, Linda is a qualified nurse and mother of Stuart. Here they are both wearing the shirts we brought back from Latvia on our last trip. Read about their many activities on Linda's page

Selga has now registered with It's such fun hunting for books, registering books, rleasing books into the wild and making new friends.

Running Book
If you love to read, log onto


gold and bronze
Novuss medals


Now it's getting better. In January 2012 the ALM championships were held in Sydney with 4 ladies among the 26 players. So guess who became the Australian Ladies Champion!? My very first trophy ever! OK, the good lady players did not come up from Melbourne for the games, but I'm going down there for the Victorian comp.

Dimi has been making Selga practice novuss with him regularly and it has finally paid off.

Selga received her first ever sports award and a gold medal at that!

It was the Sydney Novuss group's annual competition in June 2011, with players from Melbourne and Adelaide also competing. This year in the singles there were 23 players, three of them women. Dimi came third from the whole field and Selga was 13th, but the best of the women - hence the gold medal.

Selga's trophy
Selga's first trophy


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