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Dimi Pesudovs

From 2016, Dimi has been a director of The Latvian Friendly Society in Melbourne, Victoria, which encompasses the Latvian Retirement Village for independent living and the Latvian Aged Care Facility for those requiring more assistance with their day to day living. This has been set up for Australians of Latvian extraction and their relatives.
Dimi is also fully involved with the promotion of selling units in the retirement village as they become available.

Latvian Retirement Village

From 2010 to 2015, Dimi was a director of the Sydney Latvian Society in NSW, which provides activities for Australians of Latvian extraction and their friends.

Sydney Latvian Society

With over thirty years experience in the plastics and chemicals industries, from manufacturing to consulatncy, Dimi was head of his own company, Selga Pty Ltd to provide services to the plastics and chemicals industry since 1991. Until the start of 2011 secretariat and webmaster were provided mainly to the Plastics Industry Pipe Association, PIPA.

Dimi no longer looks after the PURD Secretariat for PACIA. This is the Australian Polyurethanes Industry Group of PACIA, Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association. Details about this group are available only from PACIA.

From 1995 until 2006, Dimi was a director of Keep Australia Beautiful in NSW, which helps people to care for their environment by motivating them to enhance the quality of their environment through personal effort and community action.

Keep Australia Beautiful (NSW)
Keep Australia Beautiful (NSW)


Dimi is the head of the Pesudovs family in Australia.

His son, Konrad, is an optometrist doing research in ophthalmology. You can find out more by going to Konrad's page.

Dimi and Konrad at the Sydney Olympics in 2000

His daughter, Linda is a qualified nurse and find her and Dimi's number one grandson on Linda's page.

His wife, Selga, is a retired systems analyst. You can meet her on Selga's page.

Management of the Australian Latvian Sports Federation (ALSP) was returned to Sydney after fifty two years in Adelaide. At the ALSP Congress in December 2012 Gunars Berzzarins resigned as president of ALSP and the Congress elected Dimi Pesudovs from Sydney as the new President. However, since 2015 Dimi has been living in Melbourne, so ALSP management has moved there. Under the ALSP blanket various Latvian sports groups organise ALM competitions to find the Australian Latvian Master in that sport. Currently novuss and basketball are the main contenders with the occasional golf competition.

In his spare time, Dimi enjoys sports, especially golf and more recently novuss, a form of disc pool. He has played basketball, volleyball, squash, golf and beach volleyball at competition levels.

golf swing

Gold Medal in Beach Volleyball
Dimi with his partner John Zutitis

World Masters in Melbourne
The 37s against the Latvians       

Dimi is the proud holder of a gold medal for beach volleyball from the 8th Australian Masters Games held in October 2001 but they were defeated at the 2002 World Masters, held in Melbourne in October 2002, by teams from Latvia.

They were featured as the best of the week on the sports channel, rediff.com which includes the following picture taken on St Kilda beach. Dimi is second from the left, with hat.

The plan to defend their title in the 9th Australain Masters in Canberra in 2003 was stopped by Dimi's health.

Since 2009 Dimi has taken up novuss seriously. He plays regularly with the Central Coast Novuss (CKN) group, originally a subset of the Sydney group (SNK)

He has been competing in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide tournements as well as te Central Coast, with very good results. Currently he is the South Australian singles and doubles champion.

Dimi is so keen, he bought his own table and makes Selga practice with him every day, in her library. So she has started to compete but with poor results until 2011. Stuart also has become keen and shows a talent, so Linda now has bought a table too and they now compete in 2012 under the CKN banner.

Adelaide medals 2010

Linda and Stuart join Dimi and Selga at novuss comp in Sydney in 2012

Dimi and Linda as a team won the 2014 ALM novuss doubles trophy. They are now the Australian champions! Looks like Selga has to find another partner. The CKN link above goes to Facebook with more details.
Unfortunately CKN has been disbanded due to poor health, one death and our moving to Melbourne. Dimi, Selga and Linda now play novuss for the Melbourne club in blue shirts.

Dimi and Linda at the ALM novuss comp in Melbourne in 2017


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