Latvia is in north-eastern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, between Estonia to its north and Lithuania to its south, the three countries together known as the Baltic States. To its east is Russia, which has played a major role in its history. Latvia is a small country of 64,589 sq km, essentially an undulating plain, with flat lowlands alternating with hills, the highest point being Gaizinkalns at 312 m. Its coastline along the Gulf of Riga and the Baltic Sea totals 531 km. One of its most exciting natural resources for many centuries has been amber.

Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms

Read a summary of Latvia's history and see a map of Latvia today, here or visit some of the web sites around, for example, Latvians Online is for persons of all ages with an interest in Latvians and Latvia. Offered are free online services in English, such as regular news reports, current affairs and interviews from Latvia and abroad.

Another useful site out of USA for tourist and news items and more is

If you want to see the current month's calendar with names days go to


Latvians Online

There are a number of sites dealing with Latvian National costumes, but I want to add a few for which I have some information gleaned from numerous sources, and will be updating periodically.

For my contribution, click on the picture of the Latvian stamp and move from page to page by clicking the little blue arrow and close the window when you have finished.

During World War II, many Latvians fled the country and as refugees were accepted by many countries around the world, including Australia. One family's story has been written by the late Inara Kalnins in a book called "Seeds on the Wind". Sadly, Inara passed away in 2010 and the book is no longer available.

National Costumes
National Costumes

Seeds on the Wind
Seeds on the Wind

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