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Strathfield Girls’ High School
Former Students and Staff Association

In Australia, in suburban Sydney, the girls' school at Strathfield has celebrated its golden jubilee. Homebush Intermediate High School started in 1926 under the charge of Miss Mewkill. The school flourished and at the start of 1953, the Headmistress, Mrs Woodhouse, the staff and girls were transferred to the newly opened Strathfield Girls’ High School.

Together Towards Tomorrow

The Former Students and Staff Association of Strathfield Girls’ High School and Homebush Girls’ Intermediate High School, abbreviated to FSSA, was established on 20 February 2004.

The vision of SGHS FSSA is to provide a continuous bridge between the current student and staff body of SGHS and the former students and staff. The principal aim of the association is to establish a fund to help current students of SGHS. The second aim is to be a vehicle for keeping track of former students and staff to aid in the organisation of reunions.

We now have a page on facebook, SGHS FSSA.

SGHS FSSA on facebook

For all electronic enquiries, replies, class photographs or just to say hello, please email Selga at Gmail

School Tie
Once the girls wore ties.
What else has changed?

Homebush Intermediate High School, HIHS (How I Hate School), started in 1926 and transferred to Strathfield Girls’ High School, SGHS (Some Girls Hate School), in 1953. Toujours en avant, or always advancing, became vitae lampada tradite, or pass on the torch of life. Uniforms changed from navy to grey and a fourth house, Bates, was added to the existing three: Chisholm, Macarthur and Scott.

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