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Cataract assessment Part I and Part II


Referral for cataract surgery is the most common reason for referral by optometry in the UK today. Therefore, expedience of referral is a major public health issue. There are six steps in determining the need for cataract surgery. These are:

  • Establishing the presence of visual disability
  • Determining that vision is affected
  • Diagnosing the presence of cataract
  • Considering the presence of ocular co-morbidity, and if present, determining the visual potential of the eye
  • Assessment of whether cataract surgery is likely to benefit the patient
  • Obtaining informed consent

In this article we review the various methods involved in each of these six steps in order to cover the process of assessment of the cataract patients for cataract surgery.

Part I Optician 2001;222(5813):28-31

Part II Optician 2001;222(5814):26-9

Konrad Pesudovs BScOptom PhD DipAdvClinOptom
David B Elliott BSc PhD MCOptom FAAO



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