The Development of a Symptom Questionnaire for Assessing Virtual Reality Viewing using a Head-mounted Display


In the Correspondence section of the July 2005 issue of Optometry and Vision Science, Konrad Pesudovs comments on the article by Ames, Wolffsohn and McBrien, published in the previous issue. The attached paper has the complete text and the authors' response.


Ames et al. should be commended for their paper as it is important to carefully measure patient-centered outcomes. However, their choice of scale deserves further comment.

When de Boer et al. reviewed the psychometric properties of existing vision-related quality of life questionnaires, Rasch scaling for questionnaire scoring was one of the criteria for rating a questionnaire’s quality. Therefore it would be helpful for Ames et al. to test the scale structure of the VRSQ using Rasch analysis, and possibly revisit the process of item reduction on a larger dataset.

Konrad Pesudovs
Centre for Clinical Research Excellence in Ophthalmology Outcomes Research, Department of Ophthalmology, Flinders Medical Centre and Flinders University, Bedford Park, South Australia, Australia

Author’s Response:
We would like to thank Dr. Pesudovs for his interest in our recent publication on the development of a symptom questionnaire for virtual reality viewing.

Shelly L. Ames, James S. Wolffsohn, Neville A. McBrien
Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Optometry and Vision Science 1040-5488/05/8207-0571/0 VOL. 82, NO. 7, PP. 571-572, July 2005


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