His name is Stuart and he is our pelican, here in Green Point. He has adopted the waters at Green Point for his playground. Stuart comes from the flock of white pelicans found around Woy Woy.


Woy Woy Pelican


Daily these Woy Woy pelicans cruise across the Brisbane Waters to the Entrance. They come in arrow formation in threes, fives, sevens, elevens and even more. Gracefully they ride the thermals like paper planes, twisting and twirling, passing above and below each other. The air show the pelicans give us at times is more spectacular than any the air force could ever perform. Sad is the day we miss seeing their aerial acrobatics.

Stuart first came in a twosome with his pal, Napolean. They were only youngsters and didnít have their own post to perch at Woy Woy. Usually they compete for a place on the curve of the lamp posts near the dock. But the flock has increased each year and perches are too few. The youngsters swoop around the mangroves, diving for fish or swim further out in the estuaries and plunge for fish delicacies.

At the sight of a glimmer of silver in the water, they land gracefully and then scoop with their large bills, capturing fish and water in their capacious beaks. The youngsters had mastered this scooping after watching their elders a few times. However, they had to admit to occasionally coming up empty of fish, just salty water.


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